I am a 12th grader guy and a passionate Blogger, Designer and Internet marketer. I always hunger to learn new things in blogging industry and to fulfill this hunger I always spend more and more time with my Laptop.

Let’s start with the beginning. I got my personal computer in 2011 and that time I don’t know much about computer, even I don’t know how to use Internet. I knew about Google but never used it.

Chiranshu MongaAfter getting my own computer I started using it and I always spend more time in playing games or installing software’s. After few months it feels me boring and wastage of time and then I borrowed internet dongle from my cousin sister and tried to use it. After spending some time with computer I learnt too much things about it and I started spending more time on internet to use Facebook and it was a great experience for me.

Life was Going Pretty Well, But…

Suddenly One Day, my sister said “give me my dongle back”. These word’s gave me a big jerk and I have to give her dongle back.

After this… I started trying to connect internet with mobile and it take almost 45 days but I got success, it feel like a won battle with less number of soldier’s.

Slowly-slowly I learned about computer and Internet and earned some incredible knowledge.

And in June, 2013 (summer holidays) I heard about Google Adsense, the best source to make money online, but How? There are lots of question in mind “is it possible to make money online” ? or “any one really making money online” ? for getting these answers I searched it on Google and it’s result changed my thinking and I started saying “Waooo it’s amazing”, I can also make 1000’s of dollar’s like them.

Then, I started a blog seriously on blogspot platform and again I faced a lot of problem’s like ranking in search engine, traffic and major problem is SEO, I asked from my Elder brother and Sister “What is SEO? or what is the meaning of SEO?” and they get quite and say leave all these things and concentrate on your studies and pass with A grade and I left the room quietly and searched these queries on Google and it again supported me and provided me the best solution and then I understand all these queries .

After getting failure on sub domain’s and on commercial domain’s I wasn’t feel hope
less and with the lot of failure’s I learnt lot of thing’s and again started a blog but that time I was not alone, Me & My friend started a new blog on (Blogging, SEO, technology niche)

About chiranshu monga

We got a lot of success with that new blog, it got little viral on social media and we were getting good reviews from blogger’s and suddenly bad luck started again “due to some bad thought’s we both left that blog and started our journey with our own Blog’s“.

And then my friend & me started new blog separately and started searching for a new domain name and then I found BLOGOTURN in 2014.

I started blogoturn.com and going pretty well, there are a lot of difficulties came across me from teachers, friends and…..others!!!! there was no support and they say “Chiranshu what the hell you are doing? KYU VELLE TIME PASS KRR RHA HAI and my answer is “do what ever you want to do” and plz leave me but I can’t Leave my Lappy because it is my present and it is my future.

I totally tried to focus on my work, it is too much difficult to do blogging with 12th board class in science field. But I said it is difficult not impossible, and I always try to spend my free time in my passion not in silly things or watching T.V.

How much I have invested?

I started with no money means I haven’t lend money from my parents or friends. It is impossible to believe that a business can start without any investment, yeah but I have done. That time I don’t have internet, no money and no support. I used my friend’s WiFi and Hosting and then I bought a domain from myself after earning Rs 126.

When I earned some money by selling services then I bought my own web hosting and internet connection, you can say that I started blogging journey with empty pockets.

Last Line:- If I can’t sacrifice my present then I have to sacrifice my whole life to job

Life is to be continued, and my journey is too………..Presently started a project to run my own company.


Will update SOON!!!

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