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On August 21, 2015
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Airtel 4G network is the fastest network in India you can get free 4G sim from and browse internet with 4G speed in 3G plan.

Airtel launches India’s fastest network ever on 6th August 2015 and Airtel becomes the no.1 india’s fast data service provider.

India’s fastest growing telecom industry airtel services has launched 4th generation network (a fastest network ever) in approximately 296 towns all over India. As per TVC the speed of 4G is fantastic network.

People often think that 4G network will cost higher than the 3G network but that’s not true infact the airtel subscribers can get the facilities of using 4G network at the price of 3G network and you can use airtel 4G network on all new 4G devices. Just you need is to request for the 4G SIM (which is free of cost) from the latest website of airtel Once you go through this website you can chose the plan that suits you the best and enjoy the incredible speed of this network.

Airtel 4G Network

Airtel has recently launched an automated platform  “Flexpage” and it provides the facility of real time alerts and the exact data usage.

Airtel is offering 6 months of unlimited music, downloading on “Wynk Music” and also offering 5 free movies per month for initial 6 months on Eros channel. By launching this 4G network all the demands of mission and vision are fulfilled for each and every airtel subscriber across the country. Airtel 4G data are available for costumers of Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy A7 and Galaxy S6 edge and 4G devices. If you got a 4G phone then you want 4G sim right?

How to Get Start Airtel 4G

As I told you above that you will get 4G network at the price of 3G. You only need a 4G ready device, a 4G sim and 3G data pack. You can get Sim card at your home without paying anything of home delivery. Just go to Airtel brand new website to request for a new Sim Card.

You can also get a new 4G sim card by tweeting here #GetAirtel4G and you will get reply from @AirtelIndia handle directing the user to a link where you have to enter your details for sim delivery.

This time people want fantastic speed of internet with the reasonable price and Airtel is providing all the features as user want with genuine cost. I think you have ordered for a new 4G connection because you may not want to work with the silly internet speed.

You will get shocked with this that when I tweeted with #GetAirtel4G then I got a new sim delivered to my place without any cost. Now you can also think how awesome their feature are.

Airtel 4G Challenge:- According to airtel 4G challenge if you have more faster network then airtel 4G, then airtel will free your lifetime bill.

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