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Chiranshu Monga

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On January 10, 2017
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BacklinksIndexer is a best backlink indexing tool, We have reviewed each and everything of this tool and it is very cheap, fast and easy to use tool.

Search Engine Optimization is an essential task to rank on first page of search engine either it is Google or any other. SEO primarily consists of two parts On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. On-Page SEO includes meta description, tags, url structure and few more work which we do on our site or blog while Off page SEO is that which we do at the backend of the blog such as social signals, backlinks and etc.

Making Backlink is the main part of off page SEO and it takes a lot of time to make backlinks for a blog and then Indexing of those backlinks is a headache because indexing takes more time than making backlinks.

Question: How to index backlinks?

There are many online tools available in the market which can make your work as easy as 123 to index backlinks. Some of them are worst as hell which only wastes your time and some of them are pretty cool which helps a lot. So, here we are reviewing one of the best backlink indexing tool which can make your indexing part easy. Backlinksindexer is the tool which we are reviewing today.


Backlinks indexer tool works entirely on cloud based system which assures the user to index the backlinks in the more powerful way. You just need to enter your URLs and rest process will be automated by Backlinksindexer.

This tool not only do indexing but also do social bookmarking, wiki links, RSS Aggregation and much more which help to make a link more powerful.

Do you know about One hour indexing tool, this tool is amazing and very useful for indexing backlinks.

How Backlinksindexer Software Powers your Backlinks ?

Backlinksindexer does its job in a cool way that it firsts ping all the URLs to check whether the URL is indexed or not, after it power ups your URL by using its high authority domain blogs, web 2.0 blogs, social bookmarks and a lot more. Which makes the URL 100 times powerful which means it boosts and index at the same time.

Backlinksindexer is integrated with some of the best industry leader tools like Senuke, GSA Search Engine Ranker and much more. Backlink indexer is not a new tool or company on which we can’t trust, they are doing this work from 4+ years so we can trust on them. Many Backlink indexing services tried to beat them, but all of them failed in their motive. has four main plans which you can buy according to your need and if you want to test their service. Even you can sign up for a free trial account of 5 days in which you will get fully functional tool which you can use for your off page SEO and backlink indexing.

Backlink Indexer’s best seller is its third “PRO” plan in which you can make 97000 tier 1, 2, 3 backlinks. The best part of the billing is that if you purchased the service and you didn’t like it, then you can get 100% refund if you file a refund within 30 days of purchase.

So, finally, we can say that Backlinksindexer is the best indexing service which not only does indexing but also does boosting, social bookmarking and lots more for your off page. I must say that you should try this service at least one time after all giving a try to Backlinksindexer will not cost you a single penny if you use 5 days trial. So why not sign up now!

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