I have seen that people are getting crazy about “what shout I use what’s app DP status”? I have compiled some unique whatsapp status

And here in this article I am going to share the best whatsapp status which you can use in your whats app profile. Here’s the several types of status you can use such as cool whatsapp status, Love Whatsapp Status and no doubt with great funny whatsapp status.Best Latest Whatsapp Status

These all whatsapp status will help you to improve your reputation between your friends and they will like your lovely status.

Short status for whatsapp

Life, “Never Be Measured in Hours”

AIRTEL is Friendship “ek atut bandhan”

Success is big as big your desires

Word is as big as my Heart

I Always Describe the People _ Never Insult

Enjoy your Life in Your Own style

I got less, but I got best

Love ♥, Laugh ☺, Live ♀

My Attitude is “My Personality”

Live with Shine as Stars

Cool Whatsapp Status

These are the cool whatsapp status examples, you have to choose your best what’s app status and put it in your whatsapp profile and with this best whatsapp status you get a cool response from your friends and family.

Personal room + Internet + music + fast food – homework = perfect day

I never Google “jokes” because it borrow’s from me.

Only for Today available!!! Please Disturb me!!

Whenever I find “the key to success”, someone changes its lock…!!

Girlfriend say sit on one Knee & Wife say sit on both Knee’s.

Love your girl like You love your Coffee!! Enjoy it before it’s hotness goes out.

Dream’s are those which motivate you to do work…Even when you sleep!!

Women need’s men as fish need’s net

If you really afraid of life, then you are scared to live.

If you like money then you should know it’s value

Love Whatsapp Status

These are the love whatsapp status examples, If you use this stattus with your girlfriend or Wife it improves your relationship and it produce some pleasant sense of love. You can use  these best love whatsapp status.

My Heart beats are only for “U”.

Kiss me, you see stars and if you love me I will give them to you

Love has more fastest network then 4G

I Have 1 thing 2 do 3 words 4 you_ I LoVe You

People are complicated, not love

God made my heart for you and your heart for me!!

Every love story is Great but Our is my Favorite

Don’t say you love me unless you mean it.

Don’t say you love me because I know you actually love’s me.

True Love story never END!!

Funny Whatsapp status

These are some funny whatsapp status examples which makes you and your whatsapp friend pain in stomach. Your all whatsapp friends get wonderful smiles with these status.

WARNING!!! I know karate ……….and some other words!!!

Smile while you still have teeth …..Life is too short

Marriage is main course for divos

85% of boys have girlfriends………Rest have a brain.

I love to bath after I sleep and before I wake up

Whatsapp SI unit of ignorance = “seen”

Read your books instead of reading my status!

Brain’s are wounderful, God please give it to me also.

Silent Socide = Marriage

Your face is perfect for speaker’s

Sad Whatsapp status

If you fall in love… be ready for the upcoming tears..!!

My silence shows…..How much pain I have in my heart!!

I am invisible, until someone needs me

I was your cure & you were my disease. I was saving you & you were killing me !!

People ignore you until they need you

I’m not HAPPY without you

Silence is another word of pain

Best Attitude status for whatsapp

If you obey all the rules then you will miss all the fun !!!

My main door is always open so feel free to leave.

Don’t Play With Me ! Becoz I know I Can PLAY More Better Than You.

Some People are rich attitude but poor by heart

I am Not Sad For Being Single! Rather I am Thinking Of Her Who Is Single Because Of Me…!

I am who I am today because of the choice that I made yesterday

Hate me or Love me I’m still gonna shine

Crazy whatsapp status

I am always Jealous Of My Parents……. I will Never Have a Kid As Cool As Theirs!

Fact: Silent phone 10 Missed calls & loud  volume no one calls.

God is creative, I mean just Look at me

I am not lazy, I am in Energy Saving mode

Life is a bird, no body knows when it will goes away

Don’t save water becoz you start Drinking

Girl’s use mobile for selfie and boys use for talking with girl’s

You can’t buy love but still you have to pay 4 it.

Wife knows weakness of her husband is “Nice Food”

Please, I want someone give me a lone and then leave me alone

Alone whatsapp Status

These are the best alone whatsaap status of 2016. Just use these status to show something that you are alone.

Truth hurts for a little while, lies hurt for a lifetime.

If no one care’s it’s better to live alone

I Love Sad MuSic when I am Alone it MaKes me Double Sad

I Never Live Alone because Lonliness is always with Me

Behind these fake smiles there always lies a lonely heart…!!.

Fun attract your from Loneliness!

It’s Make HAppy to LiVe Alone.

Life_is fulfill of loneliness.

Never Alone Your Friend’s Either they are Good or Bad

QUIET! I can’t hear you but all these words voice is in my head


That’s it

These all are the word’s best whatapp status which you should try in your whatsapp dp status and in your profile, if you carry more status don’t forget to share it with us via commenting!!

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