If you are a regular PC user, you would have come across the error 522 a couple of times in your life. It is one of the most common connection based issues that always crop up on PC. This error refers to the case when we are unable to connect with the origin web server.

JHow to fix ClodFlare Error 522

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What is CloudFlare Error 522?

You will get a ‘CloudFlare error 522’ when the CloudFlare is not able to establish any secure connection with the website’s server over a TCP/IP network.

Whenever someone tries to visit any particular website, the CloudFlare tries to establish a secure connection between the PC in use and the server where the website is hosted. You can access the website if the connection is made successfully otherwise you would be returned with a error 522 connection timed out message on your screen.

Reasons for ‘error 522 connection timed out’ error

CloudFlare Error 522 can pop up in case of a number of different issues including problems with your hardware, software or malware. Some of the most common reasons for the error to occur are:

The Origin Server is overloaded with too many requests

The biggest reason why you will keep on getting the error again and again is because of too much load on the Origin Servers. Too many pending requests on the server can hamper its ability to provide access to all those PCs who are looking to access the website.

The origin has a firewall enabled which is blocking the requests

Sometimes, the CloudFlare thinks that most of the requests it receives are coming from a few IP Addresses only. In that case, CloudFlare enables Firewalls and other IP rate-limiters to block some of these requests. This happens when CloudFlare thinks the website is under some threat.

The Origin web server has keep-alives disabled

The CloudFlare uses the Keep-alive header in websites to improve their performance and stability. If by any chance, these Keep-alive are disabled, it will cause the TCP connections to fail from connecting and also return error 522 in some cases.

Network Routing Issue between CloudFlare and the Origin server

One of the most difficult reasons to troubleshoot is the Network Routing issue between the Origin web server and the CloudFlare. This error check has to be carried out at the end.

Let’s move to important part: How Error 522 Repair

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How to fix ‘error 522 connection timed out’ error?

Some of the most common fixes to repair error 522 Connection timed out are listed below:

Remove Unused Browser Addons:- Try to remove all the unused addons you have added to your web browser. To do so, go to your web browser, choose browser extensions options and remove all those extra addons which you don’t require presently.

Use Caching Plug-In:- The caching plug-in is used to minimize the number of requests for database or queries that you receive. Your most commonly used images and files are saved in the browser’s cache memory for quick loading the next time. Using the caching plug-in helps to reduce the queries and the chances of error 522 cropping up.

Ditch Hyperactive Plug-ins:- Make sure you remove all those modules or plugin which try to gain access to your database and modules. Try to find which all plug-ins which are making your CloudFlare bulkier. Alternatively, you can also install a Plugin Performance enhancer to enhance the performance of your web server. This plugin helps to monitor the activities of other plugins including their access to the database and server load issues caused by them.

Few Other Error 522 CloudFlare Solution Tips:- 

  • Try to minimize the number of plug-ins that you use, especially the visitor plug-ins.
  • Upgrade to a better-performance dedicated server for your website.
  • Reduce the graphics and external JavaScript used on the website.
  • Try to use minimalist themes for your website.

Final Word’s of the Article

Most of the reasons for the ‘CloudFlare error 522’ occurring are mentioned in the article along with their fixes. If the error still persists even after doing all these fixes, take up your server to your service provider to ask for more help. Just make sure you reduce the database queries every time you open the server.

So, that’s it about how to fix Cloudflare error 522 hope you get solution of your query or if you have any query just comment below and share with us for an appropriate solution.

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