Sometimes internet keeps disconnecting and reconnecting randomly due to some reasons. This internet disconnecting problem irritates and make you an angry person especially when you open browser and internet gets disconnect in few seconds.

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There are many types of issue in disconnection of internet such as window drivers are not install correctly, router keeps disconnecting, cable modem problem or any other.

Tip:- If you have a smart phone or other device then try to connect same internet with it, if internet is working fine then issue is with your computer. For this you have to check network card, operating system, hardware failure or many other type of internet issue.Fix Internet Keeps Disconnecting Problem

And if network keeps disconnecting on all devices then the issue is in ISP, DSL Modem or with network card.

Why does my internet keeps disconnecting

There are several reason behind internet keeps disconnecting but these three are the major reason of internet disconnection.

  1. DSL Modem
  2. Internet Service Protocol
  3. Network Card or Wireless card

Cable or DSL Modem

Firstly you have to check that your Modem DSL has been stable or not. If your DSL modem is keep disconnecting from internet then you have to check wiring of the modem, it may unstable due to internal problems.

To solve internal problems of DSL you have to turn off your pc and then unplug modem from the circuit and if you carry router then unplug it also. Turn off it for minimum 10 seconds and after few seconds plug it with circuit.


Look at modem if DSL light get stable in few minutes then you can use internet if it is still blinking then it may have other fault.

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Note:- If you haven’t unplug the router then other device would connect with router but disconnect with network. If you unplug both then it will reset both modem and router or it may solve your problem.

ISP (Internet Service Protocol):-

Still, if your internet keeps randomly disconnecting then you should have to run the ISP it would check the technical problem between line and computer.

If ISP detect the problem then it will show you suggestion to fix the connection problem.

This is the method to check the problem between computer and line but if your other device like (mobile, tablet) are connected with internet then you have to read about “Network Card”.

Network Card:-

We suggest this method when the network is available on other devices and your computer is not connected with network.

It might be possible you are facing unstable internet connection due to network card. There are two method to fix network card keeps disconnecting problem.

  1. Reset Network Card:- For this you have to turn off your desktop computer and open the CPU there will be a removable network card so, first remove it and then insert it into its slot.
  2. Re-install Data Card Drivers:- If you still not get solution of internet keeps disconnecting then you have to try this method.

Just go to my computer >> Device Manager and delete the network card from it and re- install window which fix some corruption or re-install drivers of network card and it makes internet stable and you can use it properly.

Some more common reason behind unstable internet connection

  1. The wireless router or modem is old and need to change.
  2. Your connection is not connected from internet service providers
  3. The internet connection unstable due to dust present in pc which produce overheating.
  4. You may  uninstall and reinstall the network adapter from device manager device
  5. Default Gateway address has suddenly altered to your ISP.
  6. The radio or any other device interfering in your wireless signals.
  7. Wireless internet keeps disconnecting problem can be solved by updating drivers of wi-fi, updating router firmware and by router settings.
  8. There should be needed maintenance to reset an ISP.

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Still Not connected with Internet:-

If you still not get the true answer of your internet keeps disconnecting then drop your problem in comment box we will provide you best answer of your problem.

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