Getting disturbed with the silly mobile network not available on android mobile phone or it might be Samsung device because this problem mainly shows on Samsung devices like mobile network not available on Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, Galaxy S6, Galaxy nexus.

You might be wondering:

why is my mobile network not available ?
This error arises when your mobile settings changed by mistake or it may occurred due to roaming, due to lack of signal in your area or due to Airplane mode.Fix Mobile Network Not Available Error

Before taking any action just check it out that Flight mode/Airplane mode is off in your phone. Just go to “Settings” >> “Wireless and networks” and in last just disable the flight mode. If it is already disabled then just follow the below steps.

Want to know the best part?

How To Fix Mobile network Not Available Error

There are many methods to troubleshoot the potential solution to fix error mobile network is not available.

Method 1

This is the easiest way to solve the error of mobile network not available

Just Navigate to Settings >> Wireless and networks >> Mobile Networks >> Network Operators >> Select automatically

Working or not ? if not, then try method 2

Method 2

This is 2nd method to solve mobile network not available error on your smartphones

  • Go to dial pad and dial *#*#4636#*#*
  • Then click on the “phone information/device information”
  • Now select run “ping test” and then select “GSM Auto (PRL)”
  • In last click on “Turn of radio” and restart you mobile phone.

Method 3

Try this method 3 if above method is not solve the error while searching for network.

This method has more chances to work and this may surely fix mobile network is not available error on android devices.

Go to Settings >> About Devices >> Software update >> Check for updates >> Install the latest updates.

Method 4

This is last method but with this method your data may format that’s why I added this method in last.

In this method you have to do Factory data rest

  • Just Go to “Settings”
  • Select “Backup and reset”
  • In the last click on “Factory data reset

…if your cellular network not available problem is not solved with these above methods then it may be a hardware problem with the Sim Cards and ports.

Or sometime this problem may occurred due to battery. You have to change your battery and this can effectively solve this error.

Hopefully, your mobile network not available error is solved and with these above methods. If you are getting problem in any step then just drop your comment.

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