In this era of online marketing, newsletter distribution is a brilliant marketing strategy and an efficient way of reaching the target market. With the help of newsletter marketing technique, small businesses can reach the targeted audience quickly.

The response received leads to high ROI. This technique is not only the fastest way of reaching the mass audience, but also saves a lot of marketing cost.

Today, we are going to write a review about on such email marketing newsletter solution called Mailrelay. This solution is popular for providing significant email marketing service in various low price ranges. In this mailrelay review, we will discuss the features and interface of Mailrelay and how it can help its clients to get maximum benefits.

Mailrelay email marketing software

What is Mailrelay & How Mailrelay Works?

The Mailrelay email newsletter solution is an advanced and user-friendly marketing platform for all types of businesses whether small or large. The operations of this tool can be managed very easily.

Mailrelay can be used to design an email marketing template with the help of WYSIWYG template. This template can easily generate newsletters. However, the newsletter is developed in HTML editor. There are various default newsletter templates present that can be used to design different kinds of newsletters. If you desire, you can also generate a customized newsletter by using the custom HTML code.

This solution helps you to send the mass emailing at the same time. You just need to add the name of the recipients. Various groups and subscribers can also be added as the recipient at the time of sending these newsletters. You can add the details of the recipients or subscribers, and classify them as various groups in advance so that you can send the mass mailing with only a few clicks.

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Along with these, the filters can also be set to differentiate various contacts and recipient lists. An auto-responder feature is also available with Mailrelay that has the capability to set email reminders and follow-ups messages under automated emails for later use.

The best advantage of Mailrelay is that it offers a comprehensive analytical suite. Dashboard provided on the web panel reveals impressive statistics regarding newsletters such as the number of recipients who have performed an action on the newsletter. 

It also includes the information of bounced emails and spammed emails. Since Mailrelay can be unified with Google maps, the response of a particular location can also be observed.

Keep Drooling Over Mailrelay Features:

1) Advanced Tracking of the User

Mailrelay email marketing software uses a distinct technology that has the capability to track the user’s behavior on the received newsletter concerning views and clicks. It also provides user’s information including location, mail client, browser, OS, etc.

2) Excellent Delivery Rate

Mailrelay has various IP addresses and skilled professionals for enhanced delivery rate, automated spammer detector, as well as default email blocker for questionable emails in congruence with industry standards. With the help of all these tools, mass emails can be sent with the best delivery rate.

3) Built-in Templates

The tool has inbuilt email templates that help you to created professional newsletters in a simplified way. No technical experience is required to use these templates. The newsletter can be created through a standard editor without any code.

These templates are free and help you to design newsletter quickly. There are various styles of templates present in advance such as basic, general and professional. These templates help any beginner to start various emails marketing campaigns as per industry standards.

4) Efficient SMTP

For the companies that use Outlook mail client to send emails, Mailrelay provides them with dedicated SMTP server that enables these companies to send newsletter straight from their official mail client with all the features and capabilities offered by Mailrelay.

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5) Easy to Use HTML editor

This email marketing solution gives you the access to a user-friendly interface corresponding to the popular platforms WordPress, Joomla, etc., which help you to create newsletters quickly. This feature also confirms the SPAM score of your emails. With the help of default templates and user-friendly editor, it is very convenient to create bulk mails even without the knowledge of HTML code.

6) Campaign Scheduling

It allows you to create your newsletters for future campaigns in advance. You can add the scheduled date and time as per your choice. So, even if you are busy with some other work at that point, the Mailrelay will send the emails to the mentioned recipients on time so that your absence does not hinder the marketing campaign.

7) Mailrelay’s Auto-responders

It has an auto-responder feature that can automate your email campaign. It feature enables you to send one or more emails or a series of emails to the new subscriber of your blog or site. This auto-responder can be configured in advance for occasions such as birthdays or special dates. This helps you to create an emotional quotient with your client on the special days and at the same point; you are promoting your product. The auto-responder feature is present with the free subscription also.

8) API (Application Programming Interface) for Developers

Mailrelay also provides you the APIs for developers. This way, you can send the newsletters through various platforms such as SMTP, the online interface as well as developer’s API. Mailrelay can also be integrated with your present application along with all the capabilities provided in the panel.

9) Certified Marketing Platform

Mailrelay has earned various certifications that guarantee the improved delivery of the emails to your subscribers.

10) Automated Bounced Mail Management

The Mailrelay platform offers automated tools for handling opt-outs, incorrect emails and bounced emails. It helps you manage your database well. This does save not only your time and efforts but also extra costing.

11) Link for Cancellation of the Subscription

An unsubscribe process link can also be added to your newsletters automatically by using Mailrelay. It provides you several alternatives such as opt-out with confirmation, direct opt-outs, etc. through email as well as directed web page.

12) RSS Newsletter Templates

Another feature of Mailrelay is to send emails via RSS feed. An RSS campaign can be designed using the newsletter templates. It helps you save significant efforts. Choose an RSS feed, e.g., a blog or site on WordPress. Then set the frequency of emails and done! When you update your site or blog, the tool will send all the newsletters as per the scheduled set.

13) Google Analytics Tool

The Google analytic tags can also be incorporated with all the links present in the emails. This will help you to gather additional information, follow the leads in the funnel and check the rate of conversions.

14) A/B Testing

This is a new feature of Mailrelay. This helps in examining different aspects of the newsletter you send to the subscriber, in which a small group of subscribers can participate. After the results, you can edit and design your new newsletter and send it to your members.

15) Synchronization plugins

Mailrelay provides you synchronization plugins for various open source platforms such as WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Prestashop, Drupal and many more. With the help of this plugin, all the contacts present on your online store or website may be retained in Mailrelay email account.

16) Subscription Forms For New Members

The subscription form is given in the panel of the Mailrelay that helps you add more contacts to your database. You can copy this form to your blog or website. Any new user can easily fill this form to become a subscriber.

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What are the Advantages of Mailrelay

  • Since we have also assessed several other email marketing tools, we found Mailrelay as a fantastic email marketing solution.
  • It is easy to use and has simplified operations. We designed a few newsletters from the templates as well as customized them to send to some friends, and it was an easy process.
  • Its user-friendly interface is brilliant. Security and delivery rates are also superb.
  • The best part of Mailrelay is its scalability as it can allow you to rate your business based on the effectiveness of a success of the email campaign.
  • The solution offers up to 15,000 free newsletters per month that can be sent to 3,000 subscribers. However, if you follow the Mailrelay on FB and Twitter, it can be upgraded to a maximum of 25,000 emails to send to 5,000 subscribers per month.

Mailrelay Pricing Details

Mailrelay has various plans as per the number of subscribers and newsletters to be sent every month. There are standard as well as enterprise plans available as per the requirement of the customer. Every monthly plan comprehends free premium SaaS model, and this free version is equivalent to paid version. In addition, Mailrelay also provides prepaid plans for small businesses with low marketing budgets.


As compared to other email marketing solutions, Mailrelay has a high capability and great features. This solution is highly recommended for your email marketing campaign. It is an all-inclusive solution due to its utility and functionality and its free accounts provide you an opportunity to boost your email marketing campaign and cover mass audiences.

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