Are you facing hidden surveys, specially when you visit to your files such as gaming and software downloading sites and surveys stops you to download such files at that time you need to skip or bypass survey.

Why People use Surveys

Basically, survey are used by internet marketers to earn some money by using several affiliate marketing techniques. There are many sites of games and software which use pay per download affiliate and lock the file with surveys, to get these files you have to skip surveys but still it’s not sure that you will bypass any survey locked file. These methods of bypassing surveys are much better then putting your all personal information in survey.

How to bypass survey

Here I will show you 5 methods which help you to remove the surveysSo, you can choose your easy method to block surveys from the file.

Method 1:- By Using XJZ Survey Remover Bookmarklet

Step 1:- Firstly you have to visit on site and then click on bookmarklet after this you will visited to another page which shows you a java script.

xjz survey remover bookmarklet

Step 2:- Now copy that javascript and paste it on your bookmark bar as shown in figure

online survey remover

XJZ Survey Remover Bookmark page

Step3:- In last, whenever you visited on survey website you have to click on this bookmark link of survey remover bookmarklet and then you can skip survey.

Note:- This is the best free survey remover tool 2015 to remove surveys.

Method 2:- Use Addon to Survey Bypass Online

This method is work as survey bypasser online for this you have to install an NoScript addon, it will block survey script of websites but it won’t work on all surveys but still it works some time.

survey blocker firefoxYou can download this addon in Firefox, it is not available for chrome. So search for NoScript addon and then install “NoScript Security Suite” on Firefox.

how to skip a survey by using this addon? This addon can disable few surveys depending on “how the script is programmed“.

block survey by noscript

When you load a page there will be a bar appears at the bottom of the page then you have to click on the “Options” to remove survey. There are also scripts for chrome but they are not enough powerful like NoScript survey remover tool.

Method 3:- How to Bypass Surveys Using Inspect Element

Step 1:- You can use this method to disable some elements of website, for this you should visit on any survey site then click right button of your mouse and then drop down it to “Inspect Element“.

remove survey by inspect element

Step 2:- A new developer window will be open  at the bottom of web browser and after this there will be highlighted content shown, as you can see in image.

Step 3:- You can see there are some entries present like “survey” or “overlay”and highlighted, these elements are blocking over content by survays and taking our personal information.

skip survey by inspect element

Step 4:- Now select the highlighted element and click right button then it show option of “Delete Node” or “Diable element” to bypass survey online.

Method 4:- How to Complete a Survey with Fake Information

This is the best method for those surveys which are not able to skip specially for fileice survey, if you put the fake information then the fileice survey bypass easily and it clears the way of your file easily without any interruption and for this you can use this fake information method by putting fake information in surveys. You can get fake address for surveys and all other information from

fake name generator tool

Collect all the information which you need to put in survey and if you need an email account you can create new email account.

Method 5:- Survey Remover Chrome

For this method you need Google chrome

So visit on survey page in google chrome browser and then click right button of your mouse and select “Inspect Element” it will open the developer window and after this click on “Console tab”.

bypass survey chrome

And at the last you have to put given link in console tab and click enter.

urls = $$(‘a’); for (url in urls) console.log ( urls[url].href );

Now you can click on download button but before downloading you should know the link which contain .js or .css in last are not download links.

These all are the 5 methods used to remove surveys and it makes easier to get content or download file without any survey . You can also share the method which you use removing surveys.

And if you have doubt or any query just share it with us, we will solve your problem.

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