Facebook is commonly used social media network which contain large number of users and these all users love to use Facebook because it connects the user with their friends, family and with whole world and it helps to share their views, likes and comments.

Facebook is also quite useful for old and new businessman’s it help’s to provide an instant boost to their business to rise up.


Many people ask this type of question:- I have two Facebook Pages for the same thing. Can I merge? yes, you can merge.

And if you are getting trouble to merge 2 facebook pages you can learn from here here, I will help you in each and every point to solve your problem of merging Facebook fan page.

I am sure, here you will get the best solution of your problem because you will follow simple steps which make more easier to merge Fb pages. It’s not a very difficult task, you can easily combine Facebook pages with likes by following below latest method of 2017.

What is merging two Facebook duplicate pages ?

Merging of two pages mean when two pages are join together and they get combine with each other in that form which add their all fans and likes on that single page on which you want to merge and increase their popularity which was divided in different pages before merging.

Merging of pages is used by those people who make number of pages and get distributed their fans and check-ins in different pages you solve this problem by merging fb pages these all pages combine on single page which you want to merge.

Why we merge merge Facebook pages ?

With the help of new businessmen example I will explain you the benefits of merging Facebook pages.

Their are billions of people in which some are those businessmen who wants to increase their business through social media. There are lots of companies which promote their product and services in different social media but their main focus is on Facebook because on Facebook there are more than 500 millions of people across all over the world.

Generally new businessman first prefer to use Facebook because it amplify their business and also help’s to promote it in different manners. So, that they get an extra speed in their business and if people likes their services/product it help to provide some benefit.

In the race of becoming popular they make large number of pages and and give their publicity and get rating, likes and comments in several pages and get confuse in merging these pages and do not merge them.

…..merging multiple Facebook pages into one is very easy, you can easily merge the pages in few minutes so, let’s start…

Request to Merge Facebook business Pages

You can easily combine multiple Facebook fan pages by following these simple steps

Preparing Your Facebook Pages

1: You must know that only admin can merge the pages. If you are not the admin of both pages then merging is not possible you must be admin of pages and their name, place and address are also be similar.

2: If you want to merge Facebook Places pages which was created by any customer then you should have to claim it for your Company. Then visit on the page which you want to claim and then click on the menu (“…”). Now select “is this your business” and fill the form after that you may be asked for some documentation that proves you are the representative of the company.

If you claimed your pages then you can merge Facebook business page with place page easily.

Is this your business for merge pages

3: Before merging the pages you must be aware and see which page you are merging if the wrong page is merge your all data of that page will deleted So, you have to merge on main page which contain most likes, check-ins and followers and when you merge it your all review, check-ins and followers are deleted from the page which you merge into the main page.

4: If you have any important post or photo in old page you must download it because if you merged the pages it will be deleted for forever so, do not forget to collect important document before merging.

5: Now you can enter the name of the pages which you are merging but the pages must have similar name like this “First page and First page 1” not like this “First page and Second page” because if you merge Facebook pages with different names then it is not possible.

The content contain by the both pages are also similar means if first page is on health than other page should be contained health-related content.

Steps to Merge Facebook Pages

Step 1:- Open the admin panel of that page on which you want to merge the another So, open that page which contain most likes.

Step 2:- Now click on “Settings”

Fb Merge Settings

Step 3:- Then you will be redirected to another page which contain a different type of settings but you have to go in “General Settings” after this you will be able to see the request of merge multiple Facebook duplicate pages at the bottom and now you have click on the “Edit button“.

Merge Fb Pages

Step 4:-  In this last step you will be shown a list of Facebook duplicate pages that are related to your main page check all the pages and then click on the “Merge Pages”. After clicking your all likes, reviews, followers and check-ins will be added to main page.

Merge Duplicate Pages

  • Your request of merging Facebook pages will take 14 days and you will be notified through e-mail that your merge process is successful or unsuccessful.

Important Note:- If you are getting error in merging fb pages then you are not applicable for merging those pages and If you have any problem regarding this issue then try to open this link Facebook.com/pages/merge/.

Conclusion:- You might be happy to learn merge Facebook pages trick of 2017 which can increase your likes and check-ins which you got from your Facebook fans. Mostly when people start new business on internet they create number of pages and populate them and they get likes in different pages to execute all the likes or check-ins on single page you have to merge it. Your all pages will merge on a single page which contain most likes as compare to all pages.

So, this is the simple method to merge Facebook pages hope you enjoyed this post and further this if you have any question regarding this topic you can ask frequently our support is always with you.

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