Stating a blog is quite an easy task. The best part is that blogging is one of the way you can enhance your writing skills which also increase your knowledge, write and share what you know what you want.

There are also many advantages of blogging, so if you want to start a blog you are at the right place I will explain what are the essential components that you will require for how to start a blog and earn money.

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How To Start a Blog?

How to start a blog

To start a blog for beginners, you don’t require any technical knowledge. You might be confused or probably you don’t know where to start with what to do next and what not. It will hardly take an hour to get your own blog. Go through the steps below, if you want to know how to start a blog in 2017 and by the end of these article you will be having your own blog.

As you’re interested to start blog so before starting a blog and post content you must be knowing how blogging can help you. If yes, well that’s good but if no then here are some point which you really need to know before starting a blog.

Simply sharing your views
Blogging is the right place to share your viewpoints what you think about any object or situation that you think that everyone should know. There are many topics which most of the people don’t know or may be Pros and Cons. So letting the aware by your blog would be a reason.

Become an author
If you’re an author or thinking of start your career as a author blogging is the right to place to start with. Write and show how capable you are in writing. Unlike may journalist and authors who prefer to write their articles and stories in the form of post and let other know about it.

Make Money
Blogging also helps you make money online, have lot of time have a vast knowledge or need some extra money in your wallet go for the journey of how to start a blog about yourself and earn money online.

How Do I Create A New Blog On WordPress?

Start a New Blog on WordPress

To start a blog, you will need:

• What to Write?
• Choose a blogging platform.
• Select a domain and webhosting for your blog
• Designing of your blog
• Adding Posts
• Start growing your blog.

Now we have a list of what to do, not wasting much time let us jump to steps
1. What to Write
Blogging is neither an easy task nor a tough one until you find out what to share via your post. Coming up with new post and new content is not the only point.

What you write and what you share is important so, deciding what to write is always a key issue for most of the new blogger. You can start writing for blog about something which is in trend or where there is lot of discussion:
You can write your post on trending topics which is going on around you it can be situation or any trending news, fashion, products etc.

Or something that has lot of confusion or is not clear to everyone so, with some research work you can come up with a single piece of article which clears all of it.

Write something, share that you enjoy.
There is no hard and fast rule that you need to write on distinct topics only. You can write on any kind of topic you want it can be any abstract topic or anything you like. Choose a niche where you can establish yourself as an authority.

You can use blogging as to make it a place for your own brand’s marketing and make it place where you can hold your own authority.

Write something that solves something that others are querying a lot.
Most of the time many people make many query like why, How, Where, when sometimes it’s interesting to help other by providing a full pledge solution of their query where they can find each and everything related or same that can handle their queries.


To start blogging the first step is to choose a blogging platform which is nothing but CMS (Content Management Services). which helps you to manage your Blog.

Well you can find may blogging platforms like WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger etc. Each of them have its own pros and cons but I advocate to start a blog on wordpress which is very simple and provides countless themes, layouts, add-ons and plugins.

The main thing is on which platform you make yourself comfortable where you can work with hazel free. You need a blogging platform because with an easy graphical interface it will be easy for you to handle your post and maintain your blog well without any hazel or putting your hands in code.


iPage Hosting For New Blog

Soon after you have selected your blogging platform now it’s time to have a domain name by which your blog will be called so select a name which must be really unique and interesting. Domain names are nothing but address by which your blog will be known to others (like , ). So for a domain name you need to purchase a domain.

There are lots of Domain provider available in market. Now you have a Domain for your blog. Your one fourth job is done all you need is now a web hosting provider for getting a suitable hosting plan. To be more precise hosting means a service that allows you to upload your blog to online and make your post visible to the world. You will find may web hosting companies but I suggest you to go with “iPage”.

Domain To Start A Blog

iPage is the best Domain and cheap web hosting provider. Now when you host your blog with iPage they provide you free domain with unlimited free disk space and according to me when we are getting a free domain and unlimited disk space I don’t think that it’s not a great deal.

It doesn’t restrict its free features to these it also provides unlimited e-mail addresses. When you’re with iPage they don’t leave you alone not in single step right on how to build a new blog from designing, making your blog secure.

You can’t be sure that everyone knows you are writing blog until and unless you use some promotion policies, but iPage provides you marketing tool so that users come to know about your blog.

All features are useless when the company don’t provide full support, iPage provides you the full support including 24*7 phone call, email along chat help.

Not only online support they have also build a base for Online Knowledge. If I have to share the price the I would say that its probably one of the cheapest amount they take to deliver their services.


Making an interactive design to showcase your post is the best way to increase reader. But being a new blogger making an interactive by your own will be like getting your hands dirty so you don’t need to get your hands dirty as I have already mentioned about WordPress it provides lots of themes to work with so get one and modify according to need now modifying your theme to create a new blog with wordpress that makes it very easy for you.

So with few clicks and drag drop option we can have your own theme for your blog. Now these is something one of the important part of your blog most of the time an interactive blog also attracts many readers.

Design, I am not saying to have a wow like Theme it’s also include the layout how you place your components like posts, discussion panel, etc. Designing is about over all layout and theme of your blog.


You are now ready with blog, go for the very first post in your blog. Assuming that you have followed my suggestion and have chosen WordPress. Now go to the new post tab and click on add new post a window will provided to you with everything you will need to write and edit your post.

Provide a heading to your post and add start writing your post in the text box with headings, paragraphs. Add images and hyperlinks to make your post more interactive and use best font style and font size.


For growing your post, I would suggest you to write more post of new topics like reviews on product sharing the happening around the world and making everyone aware by doing so you would attract reader to visit your blog. Use marketing tools for promoting your blog.

Use the keyword so that your blog shows in the 1st page of google search. Share your blog with your friends and in social media for more traffic in your blog.

Keeping every steps to create a new blog and key points in the account I wish you have successfully setup your blog. Welcome to the world of blogging try attracting your reader visit your blog again and again with quality content on your blog. Keep adding new post and help others to solve their queries.

Keep blogging and keep exploring new things and learn new thing about how to start a quality blog for more effective and efficient blogging.

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