Are you searching for “How to view private Facebook profiles ?” Yeah, you can do it by following some simple steps as given in this article.

With the help of these steps you can also view Facebook profile pictures and photos of that person who blocked you or restricted you to view his/her profile.

There are two methods which will help you to see the private FB profile of anybody and you will be confirmed who had blocked you from fb account.

Trick to View Someones Private Facebook Profile

You can view facebook private profiles without being a friend of any person so, let’s start the procedure by following these steps one by one.

Step 1:- If your Facebook account is logged in then just log it out.

Step 2:- Now, you have to enter the profile URL in address bar of that person.

Step 3:- Here’s the format of URL “

For Eg:-

Step 4:-  Shoot the enter button and then you can see private Facebook profile of any person and you can easily justify which person has blocked you. view private facebook profileImportant note:- You are able to find facebook private profile viewer when you know the username of that person and you can also use facebook id to view private profile.

How to Get Facebook Account Username ?

If you don’t have username of that person then you can get it from your browser history. Just go to your browser history and find the username and then follow the above steps.

If you are able to view the profile of that person which is not able to see in your logged in Facebook account then it is 100% sure you are blocked from that person and if you are not able to see the profile in your fb account and also with this tick then the Facebook account may be deleted or no more exist.

Method 2:- By searching in Search Engines

This is an alternative way of 2015 to view hidden facebook profiles for this you have to search in google of that person.

See E.g:- ajay2 Facebook and Hit enter.

You are able to see related profiles with related person names who are on facebook and then you have to find one for you are looking.

Important note:- You are not be able to view Facebook private profile online if user has changed settings.

Hope you easily get both methods which are very easy to see facebook private profiles without download software or using any tool. If you still have any doubt you can share it with us via commenting.

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