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Google Adsense is the top advertisement program for bloggers. I know that organic traffic is the best traffic to increase Adsense earnings But if you want to increase adsense CPC by blocking URLs, I have a simple guide for you. Absolutely these are the helping tips to increase adsense earnings.

Benefits of blocking Low CPC ads?

When I am running my old blog then my traffic is very high but CPC is Low. With that traffic I can earn lot of money with adsense but I haven’t focus on the adsense revenue and After some time I found out the problem later . Then I blocked some Low paying advertiser URLs and after blocking it improving adsense revenue also improving adsense earning. It is not possible to target high CPC keywords for all publishers but if you are getting low CPC like me then you can block the low paying Advertisers ads to increase adsense earnings.

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How to block Adsense ads to increase Adsense earning ?

1. Login to your Adsense account

2. After Login click on the Allow & Block Ads

block Urls in Adsense3. Now you can See Advertiser URLs. Just Paste the Advertisers Urls  in the box that you want to block and the click on the Block URLs. (You can block that advertisers ads which you don’t want to show on your blog and if the advertiser is also paying low then you can also block advertiser to increase your adsense revenue)

block Urls in Adsense

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List of low CPC ads, block this URLs to increase Adsense earning.

Block these all the list of advertiser URLs to increase your adsense CPC. Hope these are helping tips to increase adsense revenue. Let us all know how did you benefit out of this. Drop your thoughts with us that will help our readers to learn few more things and it motivates me to write more valueable posts for you. Don’t forget to share this.

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