Hey what’s up guys, we all know Facebook is the best social network to promote facebook page or any event. We all create pages and events but we don’t have enough time to tell or invite each and every individual friend with manual method. With manual method it takes a lot of time and we all want to save our time. Now the question is how to invite all friends on Facebook? Is it possible? Yeah, it is possible. I have an awesome technique from which you can invite all friends to Facebook event and pages. With this method you can save you lot of time. So, without wasting your time I am going to share the method.

How to invite all friends on facebook With A Single Click

Before we start, make sure you are using Chrome or Firefox browser, these two browsers support all JavaScript and this method is fully verified with these two browser. Also, Make sure that for which you are inviting If you are inviting friends for Facebook event then you have to copy the Code to invite all friends on Facebook event or If you want to invite your friends to like your page then copy the code for inviting all friends on Facebook page.

How to Invite all Friends to Facebook event and Facebook Page

#Step 1 :- Go to the event or page where you want to invite all friends to Facebook event or inviting for page like.

#Step 2 :-Now click on the Invite friend, it will open a pop up. This may take time if you have a lot of friends on Facebook.

Invite All Friends on Facebook With a Single Click

#Step 3 :- Now Press the keys Ctrl+Shift+J for Google chrome and for Firefox press Ctrl+Shift+k

#Step 4 :- Copy the given below code from code to invite all facebook friends by pressing Ctrl+C

#Step 5 :- Paste the copied code in console bar by pressing Ctrl+V and press Enter from your Keyboard

#Step 6 :- Now it’s time to wait for a little bit second, it will automatically invite your all friends

How to Invite All Friends on Facebook With a Single Click
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Code to Invite All Friends on Facebook With A Single Click

For Pages

var inputs = document.getElementsByClassName(‘uiButton _1sm’); for(var i=0; i

For event

javascript:elms=document.getElementsByName(“checkableitems[]”);for (i=0;i

Don’t worry about Spamming. This method is not counted in spamming. So, your account will be safe with this method. Now you can invite all friends to facebook event and make your event awesome with more friends.

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