It is a well known fact by now that the internet is practically falling short of IP addresses. Well, this news is true to an extent.

It is important to know that the last blocks consisting of IPv4 addresses have already been allotted.

So what is going to happen next?

There is no need to panic as a new kind of technology will come into picture for taking its place. IPv6 will be replacing IPv4 and this will provide improved numerical addresses. Also, it will take care of all the fuss related to features related to extra network security and address assignments.

The conversion process is already on and will take some time.


All that you need to know about IPv4:

It stands for Internet Protocol version 4. It will help in connecting different type of devices to the internet.

So whenever you are trying to connect your device to the web, it is provided with an exclusive numerical IP address.

If you have to transfer data it becomes very important that you transfer the data packet across the network with the IP addresses of the devices.

In the absence of the IP addresses it is practically not possible to send data or communicate with each other. It is crucial for the web’s infrastructure.

There is a lot of hype about depletion of IPv4, but it is being used on a day to day basis.

But do you have any idea about using them?

The exhaustion of IPv4 has been predicted for several decades:

It was somewhere around the 1990s that the IPv4 depletion was predicted. ALE or Address Lifetime Expectations Working Group was formed by IETF for the purpose of analyzing the adoption rate of IPv4. It was anticipated that this will happen in future.

It was only due to the worry about the supply of the IPv4 address that the IETF was keen to make a new version of the IP or Internet Protocol. The IPng or IETF IP Next Generation working group started their work in this direction.

In fact, it was around 1993 that the first IPng came into the picture. The growth of the World Wide Web could not be predicted back then, but things have changed a lot now.

The Internet Protocol version 6 was created by IETF. The header format containing RFC 2460 was formed in 1998. The change to IPv6 became a tough task due to the unimaginable growth of the IPv4 Internet.

Increasing the lifespan of IPv4:

With the advancements made in the field of techniques like (NAT Network Address Translation) and CIDR (Classless Interdomain Routing), the life support to IPv4 has been extended.

With the several changes made the ISPs are focusing on the use of Carrier Grade NAT (CGN)/Large Scale NAT (LSN) for the purpose of IPv4 use. But one thing is to be noted that some of the techniques of the multi-NAT nature is now causing problems in terms of the various Internet based applications.

However, it can be expected that some of the modern techniques will help in keeping the IPv4 protocol running in the future as well.

Leasing IP Addresses is a practical solution:

For the purpose of empowering different kinds of businesses round the globe different kinds of solutions are being developed. The focus is on offering enterprise IP lease based services to the users.

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How do the multi-locational addresses work?

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