How to Make Money with Event Based Niche Blogs


Now a day’s Event based blog is the best ways to earn money online within less time. Many of the bloggers are also working on event based blog Like – Imran Uddin and many other bloggers. Here I am telling you some ways from which you can earn money from home without investment. This the best way to earn money from your blog. Follow these steps to earn money from home without investment.

What is Event Based Blog

Event based blog is a blog which is on some event like- christmas,valentines day or you can also say that event blog which is on upcoming  trend and you will tell about it to the peoples. You can start your event on any upcoming thing or you can start event niche blog on festival. Now a days Iphone 6 is upcoming trend so we can start our event blog on this topic.

Whenever you start event based blog then you must have to know about that which event topic is on trend and Search engine Optimization. If you know these two things then you can earn money from home without investment.

How to Start Event Based Blog

1. Find topic Which is on Trend

Google have published a tool called Google trends. It helps you to find most searching topic which is on trend. Then you can find the most searching topic which is on trend.

Use Adwords Keyword Planner to check that how much searches are there on that topic which you are searching. Take an example like- FiFa is on Most Trend then you have to search only Fifa in google adwords keyword planner then you will get that how many searches are there on that topic and you will also get that where is the most trend.

2. Start Your Blog on Blogger

I have ever seen that blogger is best for event based blog because google crawls blogger blogs and website very rapidly rather than the WordPress. It is better to start your blog on Try to create event blog with some event keyword like – Iphone 6 is on most trend then try to create blog name as, It will help you to get up your blog on the top of google and other search engines.

3. Submit Sitemap

Many of you do always sitemap mistake. If you have a blog and your images are not submitted to google and other search engines then your 50-60% traffic will lost. I have fully explained it before in my contents Read it How to Submit Sitemap To Google Webmaster tools. Also submit your sitemap to bing webmaster tools and yandex webmaster tools as that what I have said before.

4. Optimize Your Content

Do Keyword Research

Keyword research is very essential for on-page optimization. There are so many tools which helps you for finding the best keyword related to your topic. Google AdWords Keyword tool and Semrush are the best keyword researching tool.

Target Keywords on Right Place

Try to include keywords in following places

  • Title
  • Headings
  • Introductory sentences
  • Title tag
  • Url
  • Meta Description
  • Image Name and Alt Attribute

Optimize your images

Where you upload make sure that the image name is correct. Do not put useless image names while uploading. Try to put keyword in your image name before uploading after uploading put keyword rich description of image.

5. Promote Your Blog Content

You must have to Promote your blog content after publishing it. Here are the Best Ways to Promote Your Blog Content and Also  Try to increase your link with other good websites which have good ranking and good traffic. You can build your link with commenting with your blog link.

In the Last You have to Monetize your blog with Google Adsense,Chitika,Infolinks or You can use Affiliate Program for Monetization. I suggest you to use Google Adsense,Infolinks and Affiliate Program of Flipkart and Amazon For Monetization.

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