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Share your article or status from one place to all social network. This method helps to manage your all social networks from one place. Using simple method managing all Social media accounts and Social sharing is a difficult task  but Social Sharing is also a Part of Blogging. Everyone Know’s if you do Social sharing than you will get a huge traffic. The main problem is to manage your all social network. Using simple method for content sharing on all social network take lot of time and some people are not able to share their articles on social network even they know that it helps them for getting a lot of traffic but they can’t do because of the same reason shortage of their time. Time is more valuable than money. Everyone wants to save their time in their daily life. Even I also think that if I do social sharing with simple method then my half time will waste only in social sharing. Today here I am sharing some method which helps you to Share your article or status from one place to all social network. With this method you can easily share your content on social bookmarking and social networking website. One more benefit of this method is that you can also set schedule posting when you want to share your content and where you want to share it .Only you have to set date and time and schedule it.

Some Famous Website Which Helps to Manage Your All Social Network From One Place

How it Works (I am Choosing Hootsuite)

  1. Firstly visit on Hootsuite
  2. Create your account there with free plan (If you want to buy Pro Plan So, select plan as your budget)
  3. After sign-up verify your account
  4. Then login in Hootsuite with your account
  5. Now connect your social network with Hootsuite ( Like-Facebook,Google+,twitter and also add Groups,Pages and whatever else where you want to share you Article )
  6. After connecting Hootsuite with your social network now you can autoshare your article. Just go on the top and “Click on the Compose Message”
  7. Now select social networks where you ant to share and then Paste your content link or status.
  8. In the last click on the “Send button”

If You Want to Set Schedule Posting then Set Date and Time and Save it when you want to share your  Post.

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Chiranshu Monga is the founder and CEO of Blogoturn. He is a Young Guy From Haryana and He Love's the world of Blogging, SEO and Internet Marketing at an early age of 14.

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