You know Music is best…

Music is life…

Music gives us peace, Listening music is an integral part of everyone’s lives.

But few years ago, getting your hands on some good music was a very hard task and it was costly too, however in the recent dawn of events after the launch of iPods and other mp3 players, finding good music to listen is not so tedious anymore.

The two major operating systems of smartphones, iOS, and android, both offer several applications through which you can easily download music and listen to it on the go. Here, we shall talk about the applications on android that serve this purpose.

While some applications are paid, there are some free music download apps for android which can be easily used to browse the internet in order to find the music that you like and download it within a few clicks.

Here, we will show about top 15 applications that can be used to download free music app for android operating system smartphones.

saavn free music app for android

Saavn can be regarded as one of the top android as well as iOS applications that serve the purpose of offering free music listening and download experience. The best part about using Saavn is that it allows the users to download and listen music offline. It charges a small fee after a free trial period of 7 days after you start using the application.

It is the best online music streaming app for Android that offers a trial version for you to try before you pay for downloading music offline Saavn also allows you to choose the languages in which you want to listen to your music to in order to get the best of regional music depending upon the device location as well.

spotify music app

Spotify is one of the fastest rising MP3 music download app on the android store. It is rated 4 stars out of 5 and is replacing other mp3 downloading applications very fast. This is one of the top rated free music download apps for android because it provides premium quality music content to its users.

It has an option for people to choose from millions of songs worldwide as well as download it in a single for listening to it offline when you do not have an active internet connection. Spotify is one of those music streaming and download applications that every android user must have on their devices.

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Download free wynk music app

The Wynk application has linked its name to several famous websites and mobile retailers like Airtel. It is also one of the best mp3 music downloader apps available for free download on the google play store. It is one of the few applications that is catered to the needs of Indians. It offers music in several Indian languages such as Punjabi, Hindi, etc. Also a wide variety of songs to choose from the Wynk application and it makes a one-stop solution for all your music needs.

  • TubeMate

tubemate music downloader app

If you are looking for an application that can download both music as well as videos directly from YouTube into your device, TubeMate is the application that you can download. It is a simple application that lands in the category for free music and video download app for android at fast speed.

However, you might have to download this application from external sources, if the application may available on the google play store anymore. You can find the required .apk file for installation on several websites.

Superclouddownload free music app

SuperCloud is another one of the fantastic Android music app that can serve to all your music download needs at a go. SuperCloud is a simple application that will allow you to search as well as download famous mp3 files from all over the internet. You can enter the name of the song, artist or the album in order to search for the song and download it.

The only problems associated with this application are a clumsy user interface and the absence from google play store. Like TubeMate you will have to download the application .apk from external sources for your android devices.

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Download free jiomusic app

Reliance Jio has taken the entire country of India by a storm by offering free data, applications as well as call services to every individual. It is a good free music download app for android and hence is rated quite well on the google play store.

However, it is important to notice that this application is available exclusively to the Reliance Jio Sim users around the country. Once installed, this application allows you to download as well as stream high-quality music free of cost.

Download free gaana music app

Gaana is another one of the free unlimited music download app for android that is available for download on the play store. The general user interface of the application is very appealing as well as easy to use. The Gaana application offers you options of listening to Bollywood, English as well as regional songs on a single click.

Also, the options of discovering and radio allow you to listen to new tracks when you are confused on what to listen and what not to listen exactly. The top 50 lists on the application is also a popular way amongst the application users to discover new popular songs without having to google them.

soundcloud muic app for ios

SoundCloud is much more than just a good music downloader app. It is essentially an open platform that allows you to listen to music from various sources around the world. It is also a platform where you can create your own music and upload it for the world to listen.

It offers a simple option to follow particular artists of interest and also suggests new songs that are launched by the similar artists. Therefore SoundCloud is a must-have application on your android device to search and listen to all the budding artists from around the world.

google play free music app

Google Play Music is a music application that comes pre-installed with the stock android launchers in most of the android devices. Also, it is one of the most popular applications that people use as a music player. However, only a few people actually know that as an application Google Play Music music download app for android with album art.

If the visuals of the song and the background art of a new album are as important to you as the quality of the music itself, Google Play music is one of the applications that you should have on your device. It also provides a radio based on the moods of a person in case you are not able to decide what song to listen to next.

  • UC Music

UC Music app for android

UC Browser is among the top browsers that you can get on the android play store. However, not only does it serve the purpose of letting you download music files fast, but also it helps you get free music download app for android, known as UC Music.

You can follow the top charts from around the world on UC Music and can download all the songs with a single click on your device screen. A fast download support also ensures that you get the song downloaded onto your device in the fastest time possible.

songily download free app for android

The SONGily application is one of the simplest and the most efficient free unlimited music download app for android. A simple interface and a login option allow you to store the necessary playlists online. This feature can prove helpful especially when you are switching between devices often and do not want to lose your much favorite playlists.

If you are looking for a small sized application that serves the purpose of music downloads efficiently and quickly, SONGily is a must-try application. Also, an inbuilt online video converter helps you convert your favorite video songs into a mp3 format fast.

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Free music download app for android

Free music is an application that is powered by SoundCloud itself. As the name suggests it is a free music download app for android apk. You can either download it directly from the google play store or also download the application apk from external sources. A simple collection of music which is well-defined with the genres such as Popular Music, Hip hop, rock, electronic, classical, jazz, folk, R&B, and more allows the users to listen to new music every time they open the application.

You can also use this application in order to listen to music pre-existing on your device. Hence, this is an application that serves as a music streaming application as well as a music player application. A colorful user interface allows the user to enjoy the application aesthetics while using it.

Hungama music app for android

Hungama Music has been one of the top websites offering music streaming and download options all over the world for quite a long time. Hungama has also launched an android application that allows you to access the website more conveniently without having to open it in a browser.

The Hungama music is a free Android music downloader app that allows you to download from millions of songs worldwide. The platform offers choices to download from several Indian languages such as Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, etc.

It also offers ready playlist according to genres and moods that allow you to discover new music every time you open the application. An ad-free experience is the biggest selling point of Hungama Music that offers you unlimited free music download.

Download SongFlip free music app

SongFlip is another one of the best music downloader apps for Android users. The application was initially launched for iOS only and a huge success in the iOS market allowed the creators to create a similar application for the android market.

A great feature of the application allows you to choose the country you reside in so that you can get access to millions of songs of your own homeland.

It has a stunning rating of 4.5/5 on the google play store making it one of the highest rated music streaming applications on the platform. The simple colorful interface of the application allows it to be easy as well as pleasing on the user’s eyes.

 Download 4Shared music app for andriod

4shared is a world-famous website that offers downloads to people around the world. It can be used to download much more than just music making it one of the most useful applications on the android market platform.

4shared is a movie download app for android phones that is open to all and is compatible with most of the android devices currently on the market. With a large database of files, you can ensure that you find the required photos, documents, music, or video files without any problems.

Moreover, you can upload your own files on the server for someone else to download. A safe search filter on the application also allows the users to easily put filters on the search to find the required files easily. These criteria make 4shared one of the best free music download apps for android.

This is all about..

This compiles our list of the top 15 android applications that you can use to download or stream music on your smart device. Some of these applications are completely free while some of them contain ads which can be removed upon paying a small fee.

All the applications on the list have a 4+ rating on the google play store by hundreds of thousands of users of the application, making the list a reliable one. While you can search for a particular language on the application to hear music in, you can also set it to automatic in order to suggest music depending upon the location of the device.

Most of the applications also come in handy for discovering new music depending on the genre of music you intend to listen to and the mood that you are in. A simple interface, as well as a single click download option, makes these applications special and useful for the users.

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