Managing data is one of the most important activities right now and it quite possibly falls under one of those organising streaks that can help you a long way. Since information is the key to everything in the 21st century, maintaining, securing and keeping a back up is extremely necessary. Since the new age trend is storing data in a device that you can keep with yourself all the time, phone has become the device of option.


Keeping vital information on android phones is a very common practise. The reason is, since people cannot always run around with their laptops, the phone is the handiest device that you can carry along. With its help, you are not only taking along the device but all the files that you ever need for your office presentation or for your college dissertation. Most people are engaging in this because it is effective and also serves the purpose quite smoothly.

Losing out on vital data

Just like keeping data in your android phone is a practise, losing out on the same is also very common. There may be a number of reasons why the data has been lost. You may have accidentally deleted it or did not get a chance to back it up or it may even be the technical fault of the phone. Nonetheless, no matter what the reason is, you need to retrieve it back as soon as possible because files tend to contain extremely vital information that cannot be done without. It may be official data or even personal elements that need to be immediately retrieved.

In these cases, it is necessary to know certain simple steps through which you can gain back lost data from the android phone.

Understanding file storage in an android device

There are precisely two ways through which data storage is possible in your android phone. It can be there in the internal or phone memory that cannot be removed altogether. Next is the external memory that is stored in the SD card. This is the additional storage that your phone allows you to have in order to store extra files. Now the good news is that if you have accidentally deleted a file, it can be resorted easily with a recover tool.

Most important element to understand is that when you have deleted a file, it still remains in your phone’s internal memory and is not completely lost. The reason behind this is that android phones goes in for smart and fast deletes, which is made possible only by doing away with the file pointer and not the entire file itself. Hence the data remains in your phone.

All you need to do is retrieve it back. However one vital pointer to keep in mind is that when you realise that a data has been accidentally deleted, make sure to not make any new additions, because it can overwrite or even replace the deleted file. Hence ensure that you are following some required guidelines before handling phone recovery.

Help from Dr. Fone

In order to get back the necessary data, it is imperative that you take help from professional recovery tools that can handle the process smoothly without compromising on the existing information on the device that it is being worked on. Wondershare Dr. Fone – Android Data Recovery is the most appropriate recovery software that you have at your disposal to gain back lost data. Follow the steps mentioned below to retrieve back lost files from Android phones:

  • Download, install and launch Dr. Fone – Android Data Recovery on your PC.
  • Open the user interface and connect your android phone with the PC through a USB cable.
  • Ensure that your device has USB debugging allowed for it to get detected and accepted.
  • There are a number of options for recovery available. Choose from the list of images, audio, videos and more that you want to gain back.
  • After you have selected the appropriate option, click on Next.
  • A small window will pop up requesting you to select a mode. There is a standard mode and an advanced mode. Both will work effectively. If you want a deeper scan, you can go for the latter option.  However it is going to be time consuming.
  • Once the scan is over, Dr. Fone is going to show all the files available in your phone at present. It will include both the deleted files and also those that are active.
  • Choose the option of ‘only display deleted items’ and you will get a list of all those deleted files.
  • Select the files that you want back on your system and click on the ‘recover ‘option.
  • After these steps, your data will be immediately restored.

The recovery tool of Dr. Fone is quite possibly one of the easiest to handle and gain back lost data.

All at your disposal again

If you are following these simple steps, recovering back the data is simple and easy. Just follow the guidelines offered without missing any procedures. Moreover the user interface of Dr. Fone is so simple and user friendly that it is hardly going to take any time to understand the process. Even as a novice, you can engage in phone data recovery effectively.

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