A Search engine is program designed to help find the information from world wide web. In search engine, you can type keywords to search for and a search engine searches them, on the web and provides you the details. Now a days search engine makes our life more easier.Whatever we have to find on world wide web we can find easily with the help of search engines. Basically a  search engine works with the helps of following three elements.

Working of Search engines

How do search engines work

1. Spider or Web crawler or Bots or Agents

The search engines use a software called spider or web crawler or Robot or bot or Agent which comb the Internet Looking for documents and their web addresses.
The spiders or web crawlers perform the methodical searches needed to find information. The Bots or Spiders are given direction by the search engine and they crawl from one server to another server,compiling the huge lists of URLs (based upon the directions)given by the search engine.

2. Indexing Software and Database

The lists of documents and web addresses collected by bots are sent to indexing software.The indexing software extracts information from the document and web addresses,Prepares on Index of it and it stores in a database.
The Kind of information indexed depends upon the particular search engine. Some index word in the document:others index the document title only.

3. Search Algorithm

When you perform a search by entering keywords, the search engine software searches its database (in which indexing software stores its entries) using a particular search method called search algorithm. And then it displays the matching documents or web addresses.

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These are the working of search engines. All the search engine like- Google work with these process. If you are a SEO guy then you must have to know about the working of search engines then you can do something new which helps you to optimize your contents. Hope this article is very helpful for you. Don’t forget to share this article.

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