you want to secure your website? No doubt everyone say yes, no one give permission to hackers to hack their website. You may know hackers are so much trained and they are becoming more powerful day by day and trying to hack websites.

Secure You Website With Defencely

If you are serious about your site security then you must go with

What is Defencely?

basically, Defencely is a security website which was founded in 2012 by Ritesh Sarviya. This website is developed to secure all web property. Defencely protect user site by doing 80% of work manually by their experts and 20% with the help of tools.

Defencely is not an automated tool or a scanner, it works with the human intelligence. You can scan your web application or page manually. Some companies stops at reporting vulnerabilities but defencely never stops, it also fix them. If you are connected with them then you don’t have to worry about your security, only you just have to concentrate on your business.

These are the features provided by defencely to protect your websiteDefencely Features

Zero False Positive:- There are a lot of malware on the web world which can destroy any website and for cleaning them we have to pay extra money and time which makes us anger and not able to give 100% to our work but if there is defencely then you can feel secure because it removes all malware files easily.

Clean Dashboard:- The Defencely high power technology provides you best security service to clean malware files and they give you user-friendly dashboard which contain tools to protect your site. All the tools are very useful for your web security.

No Page Scan Limit:- There is no page scan limit, you can scan unlimited pages everyday, malware can effect any page of site so to maintain the security level there is no page scan limit.

What’s the Guarantee?

They give Guarantee to stay safe your Site and if there is any problems then they will pay for it.

Plans and Pricing

Plans and Pricing of Defencely

What I Suggest?

If you are running small or a large web-based company, e-commerce website or any other and want to secure your web property with a great features like defencely then I suggest you to use defencely once and then you realize how much your site is protective with them.

Why you are taking more risk, just go with defencely to secure your web property and concentrate on your business not on your security.

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