Search engine optimization is only a way to get organic traffic from search engines and everyone want organic traffic. Every blogger are concentrating on SEO, people are trying to optimize their blogs and websites with SEO but they can’t optimize because they do some mistakes in Search engine optimization. Now you are thinking that what seo mistakes you ever do ? So, Lets see

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Search Engine Optimization

Common SEO Mistakes

1. Wrong keywords

Keyword on, many people will make mistakes, even very experienced SEO specialists. When people choose keywords, and in their minds would surely describe their site in the first place, but a lot of words for customers is basically not going to search. For example, if you have a key word is “relationship” site, you may find that “relationship guide” the word does not bring you traffic! Even though it has “relationship” keyword, and you will find “Dating Tips” The word is very unexpected to bring you a lot of traffic. This explains what? Choose keywords on ideas and needs careful consideration. Choosing the right keywords can make your SEO work more effective. Even if you are very clever, but you can not think your head can put a lot of words, so here is a good proposal must have keyword suggestion tool, for example, there are now many websites keyword suggestion tool will help you find keywords for your site.

2. Ignoring the title tag

Many sites <title> tag is empty is also very common. This is a most important place, there is a keyword, because it not only helps you optimize, and text in the website <title> tags will be displayed on the search results page title.

3. Flash website

Flash may be attractive because of the beautiful, but this is not in line with the search engine and the user experience. If you really insist on site is Flash-based, you want the search engines like it, it must also provide an HTML version. Search engines do not like Flash websites reason is – spiders can not read Flash content and therefore can not index it.

4. JavaScript Menu

Use JavaScript for navigation is not impossible, but you have to understand that search engines do not read JavaScript, and accordingly build their own web pages. So, if you want to select JavaScript menu, you should consider creating a site map (or script tag links), so that all your links will be crawled.

5. Lack of consistency and execution

This is a cliche, if you want to succeed, you need to permanently optimize your site, pay attention to your competitors, you need to understand the changes in search engine ranking algorithms.

6. Focused too much meta tag

A lot of people seem to think that SEO is the site’s meta keywords and description, in fact, where there will be so simple, meta tags (if not already) is becoming a thing of the past. You can create meta keywords and description, but not because it is in order to get good rankings, because SEO is not to rank!

7. Only the picture title

Many people think that the ALT attribute of the image is the text of the title and menu. Yes, images can make your site look more vivid, but the image of the SEO title and menu is a big mistake, because the H1, H2, etc. tags and menu links are very important SEO projects.

8. Ignoring the URL unified

How important it is that many people underestimate a good URL. Name usage is still very frequent dynamic page, and the page is no keywords in the URL. Of course, if the page PR is high, even without keywords in the URL, like a good ranking and results. But if your page unified (domain name itself, or file name, which is part of the URL), so you will be even greater advantage than competitors counterparts. Therefore, it can not be ignored, and this point Hunan website optimization is not doing well and needs further improvement.

9. Reverse link spam

This is a common misconception, anti-chain as possible, it is not. Have more backlinks overall better, but you have too many forums / newsgroup spam, etc., which may eventually lead to a single or garbage because the anti-chains are other sites to block. In fact, all you need is a high quality backlinks. In an e-mail that a “search engines – e-mail marketing,” write very well.

10. Lack of content keyword

Once you focus on your keywords, modify the content, keyword usage is very critical of how the layout keyword usage in the content, is an issue, have a good operating practices. You want to make it better and more perfect manifestation of every SEO expert need to consider.
Summary, the above ten errors are frequently encountered problem to SEO expert make your site more favored by the search engines, then hurry to make changes.

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