Browsers are providing many features to users and that feature makes users easy to use. Now in Google Chrome master password feature are also available. Google Chrome provides the best features with the great style, fast loading speed and awesome themes. This feature may help you a lot and save your time.

How to Set Up Google Chrome Master Password

It’s benefit is when you visit at any website you have to enter the password each every time when you visit again. But Google Chrome master password feature allows you to store your username and password and this will help you to enter login details once at one website then it will save your username and password instead of re-entering login details again.

Easy Way to  Set Up Google Chrome Master Password

#Step1. First of all Paste this chrome://settings/ in your Chrome web address to go in your Google chrome settings ( You can also go in settings by navigating cursor on the top right menu of the browser and then click on the settings).

#Step2. Scroll down and click on the “Advance Settings”

#Step3. Find “Passwords and Forms” and select mark on “Offer to save your web passwords”

Password and form

#Step4. Now you have to enable password generation by typing chrome://flags/ in chrome browser

#Step5. Then just scroll down and find “Enable password generation” and enable it.

set master password chrome

#Step6. After enabling it, just restart your browser

Note:- Still passwords are in plain text but now your are totally secured with master password

That’s it !! So, this is the easiest method

Before reading this article I know you are thinking how to set master password chrome but now your problem is solved and hope this article is helpful for you. If you are getting problem in any step then drop a comment in comment box. If there is no query then drop your views to motivate us to write more helpful articles for you.

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