The current innovative world has simply marching towards much advancement in various fields. In such a way, the present generation has been gifted with a great innovation in the form of smartphones. Yes, more than anything else, the present world completely relies upon smartphones for everything. Obviously, the smartphones had made things so simple with some great amazing apps for its support.

Showbox for iPhone/iPad

There are many great apps, yet, the entertainment oriented apps certainly are of great demand such case, ShowBox App For iPhone is an app that certainly permits a user to download and watch his/her desired movies, TV shows, music albums and other such videos by not wasting a single penny.

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iPhone’s great app in the form of ShowBox

While speaking off about the smartphones, certainly the Apple’s iPhone is the real emperor in this particular segment. It’s obvious that, Apple had certainly set a great benchmark in the field of smartphones with its most advanced innovations in a quality manner.

Showbox application is used to watch online video streaming at high-definition and even download movies and TV shows. Showbox is one of the best applications that is available to help to watch and download thousands of TV shows, movies and other streaming videos.

Showbox official

Today, the most important and interesting movies are only available on the online to watch. But as many might not like to waste their data just for watching their favourite movies online always, might quite preferably choose this ShowBox for iPhone to download and watch movies whenever they wish to watch movies. Using the this brilliant app in smartphones might make it an easy go for watching online movies, TV shows and many more and thus reduces the overall wastage of time by just sitting in front of TV.

For many people who want to celebrate their lives with the bulk entertainment, Showbox app is an amazing application to get enough entertainment. Show box application cannot be accessed or downloaded on windows store, google play store or iTunes store. Therefore, you have to access internet to download the source file of this app and then you have to install them on your devices.

Follow the below methods to successfully download and install ShowBox app on iPhone for great streaming of entertainment:

Methods to Download Free Showbox for iPhone and iPad

The most important thing is that you have to get another application, so that the Showbox application can be easily installed according to your phone conditions. There are two methods available to do so:

Method 1:

  • Install Showbox application for iPhone are jail broken.
  • Install Showbox application for iPhone are non jail broken.

Method 2:

  • Install Showbox application is used in IPA file by the mobile.

Here are Some Simple Procedure to Download Free ShowBox App on iPhone

  • vShare is downloaded via the internet.


  • Download the dmg file is tapped to install Showbox app.
  • Search the movie, TV shows and videos are downloaded to this app.
  • Use the same procedure to download and install Showbox app is tapped to install movie box.
  • Finally, Showbox app will give complete the download and ready to install the app.

Install Showbox app for iPhone or iPad

Install the ShowBox application on the iPhone via a vShare. Need to install the vShare and gets a movie box on the showbox for iphone iOS 8,9,10 (all versions).

  • Click to download unjailbroken button.
  • This app will ask to install. So click the install key to install app.
  • Then it will automatically download and install. Then find the menu button in vShare app.
  • For the first time, open the app will ask to provide some trusting information. Please click on the trust for the usage of secure.
  • After the vShare app is opened and search for the movie box.
  • Again click and get the pop up that will ask to allow install or cancel.
  • Finally, cick the install button and downloaded to the moviebox app.
  • Accept the trusted app when it’s prompted for the very first time.
  • Wait a few minutes to complete the installation process and after this you can use Showbox app on your iPad or iPhone and enjoy free online movies.

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Features of ShowBox on iPhone

The ShowBox is an application in the mobile that helps the user to watch movies and shows directly in the phones. It gives the user more interest on watching shows. Showbox for iPhone can be downloaded from the app stores.

  • The ShowBox app is easy to use and provides a User Interface for everyone.
  • No Email ID is needed in opening the ShowBox app.
  • The layout of the ShowBox app is stunning.
  • This app also does not need to login or sign up whenever it is opened.
  • The ShowBox app allows to select and watch favorite movies, shows from TV.
  • It enable the user to select the picture quality according to the devices.
  • This app allows to download the movies, serial.
  • It enables to share the videos of movies and serial with the friends.
  • This app enables to check for the regular updates of Tv shows, movies.
  • It enables to sort the different videos, movies from the categories.

Advantages of using ShowBox application

The ShowBox is an excellent application; it helps in watching movie, videos, cartoons and TV shows in online or offline. The videos also can be downloaded for future use. The advantage of using Showbox for iPhone is as follows:

  • User Interface

The ShowBox app consists of collection of movies or shows. It provides a better graphical user interface; the quality is also good for using this application. There is no need to login or sign up, before using an application. It allows downloading the videos.

  • Great collection

The ShowBox has huge collections movies, songs, news, shows and videos and the cartoons are also available can be seen in the free times. This video can be also downloaded, so it can be seen later.

  • No jailbreak issues

The Jailbreaking in iPhones permits the root access to download and install the application that is not available the app store. You can free download showbox without jailbreak it does not need any jailbreaking, so it can easily install on your iPhone.

  • Easy installation

If it is difficult to download from the official websites, it can easily download from the iPhone app stores, with a single click. After clicking the button, it will redirect to the download page with more information and then provides from some process or steps to install.

The above are the some of the advantages of using the Showbox application, for watching videos, movies, music and so on easily. Watching any sort of videos can be done online or streaming without any obstacle only with the help of this amazing video app there is no more apps like showbox for iphone/iPad. Making yourself refreshed, relaxed and energetic with HD movies and videos is now made easy and possible when you make use of ShowBox app in a brilliant manner.

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