Delivering a presentation has become a daily routine in today’s modern workspace, and Microsoft PowerPoint is the de facto standard for preparing effective business presentations.

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Presentations are being used as a default communication practice in any business environment. Be it for sales presentations, preparing a project plan or presenting a new venture, presentations have a very important role in the company.

Traditionally, preparing presentations involved to include a lot of bullet points. However, in modern presentations, it is notorious the migration to complement the slides with more visual assets and visually appealing graphics. Professional presenters have learned that preparing a great speech and supporting their message with the slide decks increases the chances to deliver a great presentation to an audience. If it is about selling, that means the effective presentation will help to close new sales.

PowerPoint is part of the Microsoft Office suite and it has more than 2 billion installed base, around the world. This makes PowerPoint a top leading presentation tool. Moreover, PowerPoint is the most popular presentation tool available in the market, especially in business environments.

Its intuitive interface makes PowerPoint very easy to use for the most advanced user but also for the beginner.  It facilitates the user to create engaging designs and professional slides without the need to hire a professional designer or without requiring advanced graphic design skills.

However, when it comes to PowerPoint templates, the default presentation templates provided by PowerPoint are dated from 90’s. Even if Microsoft PowerPoint updated many of the templates in their new templates website, users demand a higher number of slides and graphic assets for their presentations.

Here is where comes to save the day. With the ultimate goal providing high-quality assets for presentation and unique slide designs, is the presentation template provider that will allow users to download thousands of PowerPoint templates from their large content catalog to enhance their presentations.

Slide Model is a subscription-based website providing more than 12,000 PowerPoint templates ready for using in business presentations but also in the education sector. We will review some of the key benefits of using SlideModel as a complement for PowerPoint.

Their value proposition consists of providing users the ability to download high-quality presentation templates created by professional designers. With a few clicks, the presenter can browse the catalog, download the assets and insert the graphics into their own presentations.
SlideModel 3d Graphics

Furthermore, the templates provided by SlideModel are highly customizable, so the presenter can adapt the graphics and designs to match their presentation needs. This is thanks to the use of built-in PowerPoint shapes. Shapes is a vector format that enables the user to change its properties, such as colors, shadow effects, styles, and more.

Even if the service is being used by thousands of business professionals, it is also used by educators, teachers and students who need to prepare presentations and slide decks for education, such as lesson plans, presentations for defense thesis and more.

The site is organized by categories and tags, and the powerful search engine enables the subscriber to find the templates or assets they need for the presentations.

What type of content can be found?

  • Professional PowerPoint templates.
  • Business Diagrams (SWOT, Timelines, Roadmap templates).
  • Data-chart and dashboards.
  • 2D & 3D Shapes.
  • silhouettes, graphics & metaphor slides.
  • Slide layouts and tables.
  • Infographic diagrams.
  • Editable Maps for PowerPoint.

The presentation maps available in SlideModel are a great tool for presenters who need to show geographical information. The templates are 100% editable as the maps are created with PowerPoint shapes. For instance, with the help of vectorized US Map for PowerPoint, a sales presentation can display information of sales by State. The fact that maps are 100% editable enables the user to ungroup each map individually, and change the region colors or add tooltips and map makers over certain regions. There are many different maps available, either for individual countries with its regions, or full world map with countries.
SlideModel US Map Template

One of the best advantages of vs. other players in the market or the free templates, is that their professional PowerPoint templates are supported by major versions of Microsoft Office or even compatible with Keynote, Google Slides and OpenOffice. Also, the templates are provided in the traditional 4:3 aspect ratio as well as 16:9 format, the latter is being used in modern projectors and presentation rooms.

Definitely, SlideModel is a recommended resource for anyone who needs to prepare presentations. Their extensive gallery of templates and high-quality graphics, makes this resource a top-leading solution for presenters who want to make visually appealing presentations in PowerPoint.

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