At Blogoturn, I have talked about various and best ways to make extra money from your blog but In this post I am talking about Sponsored reviews and how to get started, It is another method to make money online easily. When you use Ad networks like :- Adsense, ads, Chitika or any other you always need to wait for a long time to get your earnings. Getting paid from Ad network system is very slow but on the other other hand Sponsered review system is a fast way to make huge income from your blog.  Firstly you must have to know about sponsored review Let me explain.

 Sponsored Review

What is Sponsored review or Sponsered Post?

That what you write about any product or services (related to your niche) of any other company on your blog in free of cost it is called a simple review but if you write anything about for a company, product, services or whatever it is, and you will get paid for it then it is called Sponsored review or Sponsored Post.

What are the Benefit of Reviews ?

#1. Benefit to Advertisers

Advertiser will get more benefit for giving sponsored reviews to publisher. They can easily advertise there product/service in cheap price as for long time. They have to pay too much in other ad networks as for short period but a review can published for a long period (As deal done with publisher). Reviews is better than advertisements people can also know much about it with reviews. They can easily publish their product/services to the web in cheap price.

  • They can increase their sales
  • Branding and Exposure
  • Backlinks
  • Trust

#2. Benefit to publishers

Publishers will also get benefit, they can easily earn money from publishing the advertiser product. Ad network pay’s very slowly but with publishing a sponsored review, will help publisher to make more money in single shot.

How to Get Sponsored reviews and make money?

#1. You Have an Advertisement page

Advertisement page is the one major way that help to get Sponsored reviews. Create attractive  advertisement page that is all about your blog and what your advertiser expect out of it. Also give the option on advertisement page for display ads.

#2.Find Companies Related your Niche

If you have a blog and your blog niche is Blogging then you have to find ( Web Hosing, Web designing company, Theme and Template developing). It all depends on your niche.

#3. Find their Email or Contact Page

You can contact with company with contact us page if you don’t have the email adress of that company and submit your Message About….you want to write a review for them. I have a perfect email format you can use that don’t copy it. Do some changes before sending the message.

Sponsored Review and How To Get Started

Mail Format

#4. Check others blog who have written Sponsored review and contact to that company

Suppose, if I have written a review on a new Application Just contact o that company and write a medium price for publishing the company review on your blog. Price is not too high and not too low.


By Writing 2/3 sponsored review you can easily make $200-$400. Always target advertisers related to your niche and  remember that on which you are writing review that product/service is good and real. Never cheat your readers for a little bit money. Else you might lose the trust of your readers.
Don’t forget to give your feedback. Let me know how much money you are making with Sponsored review and how much this post will help you.

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