Social media is a place which is beneficial for all user either it’s a business user or a general user. Now a days social media is very popular network to connect with each other like our friends, business clients, fans and bla! bla! bla!. So the thing is to manage all social media. There are a lot of social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and etc. Organization & companies must have to join all the social networks to attract more and more user and it’s not an easy task to mange all social media and social media monitoring. Here Thoughtbuzz will solve your problem Yeah !! it’s Thoughtbuzz.

Manage Your All Social Media From one Place

You don’t have to do any boring task to manage individual social media account Thoughtbuzz is a place where you can connect each and every social media account and manage it from one place. With Social media it is a best way to attract users and to promote your business. As a blogger I know how social media act as a vital part for business to attract users.

ThoughtBuzz Feautures

1. Responsive in All Devices

There are some websites like Thoughtbuzz but these are not responsive & mobile friendly. But Thoughtbuzz is 100% mobile friendly website and responsive in all devices either it is on mobile or it is on computer. You can easily manage your all social media account in your smart phone with the help of thoughtbuzz.

2. Easy to Analyze Social Pages, Profile Including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

It’s social media tracking tool is best which shows all about your social media activities on the spot. You can easily analyze your social pages, social profile including Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram which is becoming very popular.

3. Easy to Analyze Your Competitors Social Media Growth

When you think to get more success always one question is in your mind how to analyze your competitors growth. Yeah ! Thoughtbuzz also provide you the feature to analyze your competitors social media growth and after that you can plan accordingly to get more success.

4. Know When your Fans Are Online

Do you ever think that when your fans are online and how to analyze it. I know it’s very difficult to analyze but with Thoughtbuzz you can check when your fans are online.

when your fans are online

5. Schedule Post Update Feature Are Also Available

I like this feature most because before knowing about Thoughtbuzz I was searching for a tool which provide me schedule post update feature and after searching a lot I found Thoughtbuzz. Then I used thoughtbuzz and impressed with their features.

Do you Know Schedule posting is also a strategy to gain more users. 

thoughtbuzz schedule feature

Bonus Tip to Grow your Social Media Industry :- Firstly analyze that when your users are online after that make a schedule post on that time when your maximum users are online . It may give a good growth to your social industry.

How Thoughtbuzz Makes My Work More Eaiseir 

Before knowing about Thoughtbuzz social media monitoring is too much difficult task to manage and moniter my all social media accounts.But after getting Thoughtbuzz, it’s easy to manage my all social media accounts in one place and it saved my lot of valuable time.

Want To Grow Your business More

After Knowing about thoughtbuzz features I think you can’t wait anymore for signup. It’s my suggestion to use it once and definitely you will get a good response in your business. If you actually want to grow your business then must give a try to it.

So, now waiting for what?, Go and signup for Thoughtbuzz. Wishing you a happy journey with Thoughtbuzz.



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Chiranshu Monga is the founder and CEO of Blogoturn. He is a Young Guy From Haryana and He Love's the world of Blogging, SEO and Internet Marketing at an early age of 14.

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