Tips to Boost Your Blog Traffic

Traffic is a backbone of website and it is also a part of earning. Every blogger want traffic on his/her blog because traffic is a part of earning. If you have a lot of traffic then you can earn a lot of bucks but if you have less traffic then you can’t earn easily. Your maximum of the earning depends on your traffic. Every blogger thinks that How to increase traffic. Here I am giving you some tips to boost your blog traffic. I think these tips will help you to boost your traffic and if you have a lot of traffic then you can earn a lot of bucks and also increase your Rankings.


Try to Build High Network on Social Media Websites

Social Sharing is also play an Important Role in blogging. Some bloggers thinks that social sharing is a waste of time but they thinks wrong because if you share your contents on social network groups,pages and walls then people will open your post it that post is beneficial for them. You must have to build up your social network because if your Social Network is higher than you will get a lot of traffic with social sharing. We all know Facebook is the top social networking sites but you don’t know that Google+ and Twitter is Much better than Facebook. I am not saying that Facebook is not good for sharing. Only just  I am saying that you must have to concentrate on other social network.

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Google+
  4. Linked In
  5. Pinterest
  6. Instagram
  7. Vk

Submit Your Content on Social Bookmarking Websites

  1. Stumble Upon
  2. Diigo
  3. Reddit
  4. Slashdot
  5. Delicious

Upload Your Videos on YouTube

If you upload your blog or content video on YouTube then it will also helps you to get traffic. Do you know that video’s also helps you to get traffic. You have ever seen that when you search something sometimes YouTube video is on the top of Google and other search engines. If user open that video and user can visit on your blog. Simply you have to create watermark on your video and put your blog link in video description. It helps you to increase your site linking and traffic and also helps  to readers if they have any confusion in your content then can watch your video and understand your content easily.

Use Google Trend to Check Which Topic is Searching Most in Search engines

Google Trends helps you to find which topic is on trend and On which topic’s are people searching most. It Also tells you that from where,how much and when people are searching topics. Think that if you put low completion topic and most searching topic then your content will easily get on the top of Google and other Search engines

Take Interviews of Pro bloggers

Try to take Interview of most Popular Blogger because it helps you to get traffic. Think if you take Interview of very popular Person then that person will also share that Interview Link on his/her Network and you all know that popular person have a bigger network higher and you all know that if your link shares on bigger and higher  network then it helps you to boost up your traffic.

Do Guest Posting

Do guest Post on Popular blogs. It helps you to get traffic from that blog where you submit your guest post. If  blog is popular then there is a lot of readers and subscribers and it is sure that they will read each and every article of that blog and they will also read your article if your article is on good topic. If they read your article and if they like then they will visit on your blog and side by side your readers will increase and it helps you to boost your traffic from guest posting


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