Helping Tips To Stop Adsense Ban
As we know Google Adsense is high paying online ad network but it’s having very strict policy. Many of the blogger’s are banned from Google Adsense because they are totally confused in Google Adsense policy that’s why some people leave blogging but now don’t worry I will help you by giving Some important tips and basic knowledge about Google Adsense. You Must Have to Follow these tips to stop Google Adsense ban

  1. Publisher may not generate artificial clicks or impression and not ask to other to click on his ads you will not be rewarded from Google Adsense on fake clicks.
  2. Never think to write copyright content and do not write on that product like alcohol,smoking and tobacco,Gambling related content and also adult contents are also not allowed and most important never put Hacking and other illegal contents on your site.
  3. Do not take fake traffic like by redirecting from unwanted websites to your websites, paid-per-click, autosurf, paid-to-surf, click exchange and by E-mail spam
  4. Never display ads under non-content-base-page, pop-ups or pop-under, chat programs, E-mail program and not integrate your ads in software with toolbar and also prohibited to put your ads on pages.
  5. Publisher Be aware when they are promoting their website online it should be comply under google guidelines and they never display your site in pop-up or any software application.
  6. Avoid using hidden text and links and repetitive or irrelevant keywords on site and focus on concise and relevant content.
  7. Google strictly prohibited by its Guidelines for Use of Google Brand Features that publisher can never use Google trademark, logo, webpage or screenshot without prior consent from Google.
  8. Publisher can display maximum three ads on his website one of (300×600) ad unit or similar sized ad per page and use relevant or unique content and at least 300 words are compulsory. Adsense display their ads as like the content of the page.
  9. Create your site rich-informative and useful so, that people get accurately describe your content and don’t write deceptive or manipulative content, avoid “doorway” or other “cookie cutter” which are use in affiliate programming.
  10. Only Google use Double Click cookie on publisher websites for displaying Adsense content. you have exclusive right to use data derived for your use of the Double Click cookie for your business related purpose or any other.
  11. Adsense also applies YouTube by monetizing their videos on YouTube this ads is in the form of video but not in a form of banner. If you want to earn by YouTube Monetization you have to follow both AdSense program policies and YouTube’s Terms of Service.

If you follow all these instruction you will never ban from Google Adsense. If your Adsense account is banned for invalid activity send them an appeal form to Google Adsense. They will reply you only one time that they are giving you adsense account back or not. Hope these tips are helpful for you.

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